To be a successful pen tester, you need to master key skills

A pen test or penetration test is a simulated cyber attack on your computer system that is designed to find exploitable flaws. Pen testing is used to complement a web application firewall (WAF).
Pen testing is a method of hacking into application systems (e.g. frontend/backend server servers, application protocol interfaces, APIs) to find vulnerabilities such as code injection attacks.
What does a pentester do for you?
A pentester, also known by assurance validator, works for centralized network owners and internet service providers to find loopholes that malicious hackers might exploit to gain sensitive data and insight. Pentesters are often required to perform highly confidential and time-sensitive cybersecurity tasks imitating cyberattacks on corporate networks.
A pentester has the following responsibilities:
Test apps, network equipment, cloud architectures.

Mock social engineering attacks: Create and execute.

Investigating and testing different forms of assaults.

Examining the code to find security flaws.

Spam and reverse engineering malware or spam.

Documenting security issues and technical security reports.

Automated testing methods to increase productivity

Additional testing is required to confirm security enhancements.

A pentester works on networks, systems and web-based apps, performing threat modeling, security assessments and ethical hacking. Find out the difference between threat hunting and pen testing here.
What are the essential skills a Pen Tester should have?
These skills are required to become a pen tester.
Outside the tool suites, knowledge of vulnerabilities and exploits

Pen testers should know more about vulnerability than automated tools. Testers should not blindly follow vulnerability scanners. It is not uncommon for vulnerabilities to be disclosed for the which there is no exploit code. A pen tester should be able create exploit codes that don’t exist.
You should be an active listener

Pen testers cannot be experts in all fields, but they should be active learners with real-world experience. Instead of reading security firms’ reports on the latest attacks, pen testers should create a virtual machine, download the code and test it.
Sharing videos of your knowledge is a great way to show your knowledge if you want to be a pentester.
Secure Web Communications and Technology

Testers need to be able to comprehend everything, from creating a web address to assigning it to a cloud-IP, to creating secure certificates for the domain and using those certificates to protect web connections.
You should also be familiarized with web technology. This includes understanding how online applications are made, how to detect input fields and how to obtain information that allows the web application to function.
Ability to write or script code

Although your code doesn’t have to be production-ready, it will save you time and money on evaluations if you are able to code. You should be familiarized with Perl, PowerShell and Bash.
Soft skills are essential

Complex concepts must be explained in a way that is understandable by non-technical people. Practice speaking and writing to ensure everyone is proficient in the installation and dismantling of organizational equipment.
Get the right certifications

To become a pen tester, you can obtain the CompTIA PenTest+ Exam PT0-002 certification. You will learn how you can assess the security of traditional servers, mobile and desktop operating systems, cloud installations and IoT devices as well as industrial or embedded systems. You will also learn how to plan and scope a penetration test engagement, including vulnerability scanning, understand legal and regulatory compliance requirements and assess test results and write a report with recommendations.
Why would you want a job as a pen tester
According to Glassdoor, pen testers in the United States made an average of$102,405. Your pay will depend on several factors, such as where you work, how much experience you have, and your certifications. For example, military contracts and financial services pay more.
Career Path
As you become more proficient as a pen tester you might be promoted to a position as a team leader. Some pentesters progress to information security managers or other senior positions.
NetCom Learning offers a pen tester program.
NetCom Learning will offer you a CompTIA cybersecurity certification path that includes an expert-ledCompTIA PenTest+ course to help identify, exploit, report and manage vulnerabilities in a network. You can learn more about pen-testing by visiting the following link: