The winning side: Project management at Lloyd’s Register

Stain glass window at Lloyd’s Register designed by Gerald Moira
Lloyd’s was established 250 years ago. It gave merchants and underwriters an idea about the condition of the vessels they chartered and insured. They still work in the maritime sector, certifying and certifying equipment and ships to ensure safety and quality. They also work in other industries. Clutton is currently involved in a PS100m oil-and-gas initiative in the Caspian. The gas involved is subject to pressure and Lloyd’s must issue a certificate certifying that it’s safe. He said that it’s an environment of unlimited liability, which he believes is detrimental to charity.
Closeup of window showing English roses and Scottish thistleClutton was speaking during the Austerity Debate in London, hosted by Lloyd’s. The event aimed to answer the following question: Is project management an enabler or a cost that can be reduced? He began the proceedings by explaining his background as our host.
Clutton began his career as a mechanical engineer and then discovered his talent with numbers which he now uses in his current job. Since 1994, Clutton has been with Lloyd’s Register and is now in a position where he can shape the projects the company embarks on.
Clutton, who just returned from a leadership seminar held in the Netherlands explained that Lloyd’s core industries are those that will shape global projects in a broad sense. He explained that the world’s population is growing at 6,000,000 per month. One seminar participant had presented the facts about managing the population explosion. If we use the same farming techniques and technology as a few years back, we will need 72 planets to feed everyone. He stated that the future is focused on energy and consumption.
He said that project management plays a key role in ensuring that projects are managed to their best effect. “There will always be losers and winners – it is important to ensure that we are on the winning side of this process.”