Roadmap to Success: Windows 10 Specialist

Roadmap to Success is a series that helps learners understand certification pathways, career options associated with them, and the next steps beyond certification.
UPDATED: This article was updated June 13, 2017 to reflect the relevant changes in the Microsoft Windows 10 certification curriculum.
Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10, has made IT professionals more needed than ever. You can develop expertise in using and managing Windows 10 to enhance your professional career.
Windows 10 certifications generally qualify learners for roles as service or help desk, support, cloud services and IT admin.
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Start trainingMicrosoft Windows 10Microsoft offers two certifications for Windows 10: Windows 10 Specialist (MCSA) and Windows 10 Specialist (MCSA). 70-697: Configuring Windows Devices, which is required for the Specialist certification, is also the first exam for the MCSA certification. The 70-698: Configuring and Installing Windows 10 exam is required to earn the MCSA: Windows 10 certificate. This post will focus on the Windows 10 Specialist certification.
SPOTO offers training for the 70-697: Configuring Windows Devices exam. This exam gives credit towards the MCP, MCSA and Specialist certifications. This exam is intended to confirm a learner’s ability to create solid identities, protect data (data loss protection), implement mobile device management policy and deploy virtualization using Hyper-V. It also allows them to manage applications through the Company Portal and Windows Store. Examiners will evaluate their knowledge of Windows 10 security features and Azure features.
SPOTO offers a Microsoft Windows 10 70-697 course: Configuring Windows Devices that prepares learners to take the 70-697 exam. This course is available to all who are interested in pursuing an MCP or MCSA certification.
The Windows 10 Specialist certification requires that learners have at least six months to two year of experience in the field. This includes direct experience with Windows desktop administration, maintenance and troubleshooting. They also need to have a basic understanding and experience with Windows networking technologies. They should also have basic knowledge of Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, and basic knowledge of Microsoft Intune. Specialist certification is an entry-level certification that makes it a good choice for IT professionals who are just starting out.
Downloadable Study PlanSPOTO provides a study plan that maps directly to Anthony Sequeira’s Microsoft Windows 1070-697: Configuring Windows Devices course. This Microsoft Windows 10 70-697 study guide is downloadable and provides supplementary learning resources and breaks down the course to provide learners with a strategic and manageable way to achieve their training goals. Get the Microsoft Windows 10 70-697 study guide.
Exam Details: Learners who have earned the MCSA Windows 8 certification between February 15, 2015 and May 31, 2015 can take the 70-697 exam free of charge. Microsoft offers the 70-697 exam for free.
Exam time: 2 hours (120 mins)Passing score 700*Question types are multiple choice/single-answer; multiple choice/multiple answers; matching; simulations; short answer. Register at Microsoft Learning or Pearson Vue. Skills Measured: Each exam registration page at the Microsoft website offers a list of Skills (a free resource) to help you study and prepare.
*Because there are many questions, it is not necessary that learners earn 70% to pass the exam.