PM Today Podcast: Meeting Modern Resource Management Challenges

Portfolio planning is difficult because it involves resource management. It was not easy to manage and model thousands of interdependent moving parts. As we deal with post-pandemic recovery challenges and the changing workforce, the landscape is becoming more complex.
Amy Hatton, PM Today’s Associate Editor spoke with Lloyd Norman, Vice President Strategic Solutions, Tempus Resource by ProSymmetry about this topic. Amy was able to explore Lloyd’s 25-year-plus career in the Resource Portfolio Management space and his experience in PMOs. The podcast and webinar were released before Lloyd spoke at two of the biggest annual PM calendar events. Register now to see Lloyd speak in June and September.
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Listen to the podcast and then follow the transcript to hear Lloyd and Amy discuss:
Resource Portfolio Management generates value.
How Lean Portfolio Management can help you see your pipelines better.
Why it is better to be agile than to do
Why PMOs must think strategically when managing the resource pipeline
Practical tips to change your perspective on resource management
Intelligent resource management is key to a strong retention strategy and a talent supply chain.
Amy: Hello everyone! Welcome to the latest edition PM Today podcast. Amy Hatton, as many of you know. I am the Associate Editor at PM Today. Today’s guest is Lloyd Norman. He recently joined ProSymmetry as their Vice President for Strategic Solutions. PM Today is a great friend of ProSymmetry, in fact, they’ve been working together for many years. They have been solving resourcing problems for organizations around the world since 2007. It’s been amazing to watch them go on this journey. Lloyd joined ProSymmetry however in March 2022. In fact, Lloyd will be joining us in the UK for two of the most important events on the PM calendar. These are the House of PMO’s PMO Conference in June and Project Challenge Expo September. I’m thrilled that Lloyd’s joining us from Salt Lake City, Utah in advance of these engagements. We’ll be discussing the latest trends and problems in resource management, as well as how we can solve them. This is the one thing that I have struggled to solve throughout my career as a PM journalist. It’s great to have someone to talk to about this issue that affects project practitioners across all industries, regardless of their maturity or other factors. It’s great to have Lloyd here today. Thank you so much for taking the time. How are you doing?
Lloyd: It’s wonderful to be with Amy, I’m doing great. It’s a pleasure to work with ProSymmetry. They are a leader in this industry and it’s certainly one I am passionate about. I look forward to meeting you in person in London.
Amy: Yes, that’s right. Lloyd, welcome to ProSymmetry. We could start by giving you a brief overview of your professional background. What made you want to work in this complex area of resource management?
Lloyd: That’s a great question! Let me fill in the gaps. We are grateful for your kind words. I started my career as an industrial engineer. I went to college to study and then joined IBM to help people use technology to their advantage.