PM Today Podcast: AXELOS(r), Launches ProPath

The high-profile launch by AXELOS(r), Global Best Practice’s new combined professional certificate scheme, ProPathTM is generating a lot of buzz.
ProPath offers three different professional development paths for project professionals. It adapts to each professional’s training needs and equips them with the skills to drive change and benefit in their organizations.
Our latest Podcast was sponsored by AXELOS(r). PM Today’s Associate Editor Amy Hatton spoke with Allan Thomson, ProPath Product Ambassador at AXELOS (r) to learn more about what the PM community can look forward to from ProPath.
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Amy: Hello everyone, and welcome today’s PM Today podcast. This is the first part of a series. Today we’re talking about AXELOS(r), Global Best Practice.
My name is Amy Hatton, and you all know me as Associate Editor of PM Today.
Since the day AXELOS was incorporated in 2013, I have been covering their work. I’m thrilled to be speaking with Allan Thomson, the ProPath Product Ambassador at AXELOS.
We will be discussing AXELOS’s new combined best-practice professional certification scheme, ProPath. Allan, I would like to extend a warm welcome and thank you for being here today. Let’s start by introducing ourselves and telling our listeners about you.
Allan: Hi, Amy. Hi, everyone. Allan Thomson is my name and I am the AXELOS(r), ProPath Product Ambassador. My role at AXELOS is to be a subject matter expert on the ProPath product line. We’ll discuss this shortly.
I am also used to giving thought leadership presentations on subjects related to programmes and projects. One example would be how to improve communication in projects and programs.
Amy: Thank you Alan. Let’s start by setting the scene. It’s fair to say the world has changed a lot in the past eight years, and especially in the past year.
Recent research by AXELOS has revealed that 97% of professional and 87% employers believe that professional certification offers a variety of benefits. * Not least, these include increased workplace efficiency, employee satisfaction, and workplace transparency.
We also have data from Project Management Institute that predicts that there will be 87 million project managers by 2027. We have also seen the rise in the PMO. The number of organizations with formal PMOs has increased by 71% to 89% over the past four years. We are still highly sought after professionals in project management, which is great news.
This means that professional education options must keep up with changing needs. Allan, we are so excited to talk to you about ProPath right now. Let’s start by giving us a high-level overview of ProPath and who can benefit.
Allan: The AXELOS(r), ProPath Certification Scheme brings together some of the most respected portfolio, program, and project best practice certifications in the world. It is designed to provide project professionals with the skills necessary to facilitate organisational change.
AXELOS has done extensive research on trainers and end-users to create the required designations. It also provides a clear professional development path for professionals in portfolio, project, and programme management roles.
AXELOS(r), ProPath allows professionals to take control of their career and continue their education.
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