PM and Project Staff Reductions I’ll now discuss three of these categories:

  • Project Manager Layoffs
  • Project Staff Reductions
  • Lower PM rates

Many of the responses were not surprising after reading through them. I noticed in a few posts that some companies are replacing senior PMs with less experienced ones. Although I don’t know the specific competencies involved, it is possible that a “senior PM”? A senior PM is someone who has been in the job for a while but is not a performer. Although that would be great, I know from experience that companies sometimes choose to hire the highest-paid employees without considering the value proposition. They will likely be gone if they make business decisions like that.

    Project Manager Layoffs
  • Europe – I am primarily a project manager contractor in the public (government sector) sector. I have noticed a decrease in the number private sector companies looking for project managers. However, the number of jobs available in the public sector seems to be stable. It remains to be seen, however, if this continues after the new financial years.
  • North America – Major companies announce significant layoffs in management? This has a direct impact on PM positions. In the last quarter alone, several friends were laid off by senior PMs.
  • Australia – Australia has a higher number of unemployed project managers and a lower tolerance for ineffective managers
  • North America – Project Management seems to be suffering right now. At least four project managers have lost their jobs since December 1st. It seems that PMs are the first to go when companies have to let some people go.

Lower PM Rates

  • North America – PM consulting rates reduced due to an increase in supply vs. demand
  • Europe – More contractors are available on short notice, and prices are 10% lower than last year

Project Staff Reductions

  • North America – Companies ask people to take on dual roles – i.e. PMO Director, PM, PM, Business Analyst, etc.
  • North America – Less human resources available due to cutbacks and hiring freezes
  • Latin America – Resource cuts make it difficult for projects to be appropriately staff.
  • Asia – Engineering teams have left to wonder where they’re going next. Non-eng positions are usually the first to be affected by layoffs. However, support positions are almost always available.
  • Europe – The impacts i have seen is in the human resources level, the contract of less qualified/experienced resources, based on a low payroll. There is a lower cost percentage and fewer resources. Clients are seeking low-cost services. This results in a greater need to put more effort into obtaining the best possible quality.

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