How to prepare for the Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant Exam

The cloud computing industry has been on a roll since the last decade. Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant Certification is available to those who want to prove their expertise in creating, building, and executing Salesforce Communities apps that leverage the platform’s declarative customization capabilities.
A community cloud is a multitenancy program that allows multiple firms to collaborate on the same platform, if their interests and commitments are similar. Every company needs a certified community-cloud consultant due to the rapid growth of the cloud market. Salesforce is a customer relationship management platform that connects businesses with their customers. Salesforce is a shared platform that gives everyone within your company a single view of every customer.
Your resume will be more valuable if you pass certification exams. You will need a great study guide and materials to help you pass it. This is the right place for you if you are interested in pursuing this credential. This blog will provide you with all the information and recommend the best study tools. This article will give you a detailed understanding of the exam and all its details. Let’s get started.
What is the Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant Exam?
The Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant program is for specialists with experience in implementing and consulting on Salesforce Communities applications in a customer-facing capacity. The Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant can meet customer business needs that are scalable and maintainable, and contribute to customer success over the long-term. Customers, partners, employees and anyone else interested in Community Cloud competence can apply for the credential. Candidates must have the Salesforce Administrator credential in order to be eligible to take the Salesforce Community Cloud consultant exam. The following criteria will be used to test you in the exam. These parameters are explained in detail in this article.
Implementation: 22%
Sharing and Security: 20%
18% for community setup
Experience Builder: 12%
Management of Community: 11%
Content: 9%
Templates and Use Cases: 8 %
Exam Overview
Let’s take a look at the basics of the exam, such as pricing and scoring policy. Let’s take a look at these details:
1. Total Exam Questions
Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant Exam Questions will test your ability to design, create, configure, and deploy Salesforce Communities apps. The exam will have 60 multiple-choice questions and 5 unscored questions that will ask you for your comments. The exam takes 105 minutes to complete. If you are accurate in your answers, you will have enough time for the exam.
2. Pricing Policy
The cost of the test for salesforce community cloud consultants is $200 USD plus applicable taxes. The cost of the test may vary depending on where you live. Taxes are also subject to change.
3. Scoring Policy
A minimum passing score of at least 62 percent is required for the salesforce community consultant exam. This is quite manageable. Because the questions are MCQ-style, you must be clear and precise in your responses. This is possible if you have the right study material.
4. Retaking Policy
Retaking the Salesforce community consultant exam is half the price of taking it the first time. The cost of retaking this exam is $100. Salesforce releases all certification exams three times per year (Winter Spring Summer). Salesforce Certified Administrator is the third opportunity to take the same certification exam during each release cycle.
You must fail your first exam attempt in a release cycle.