How to Improve Student Performance With WebAssign

It can be difficult to support and evaluate your online students because you cannot have conversations with them before, after, and during class. What topics are your students having difficulty with? What can you do to support struggling students? What communication strategies can you use to support struggling students?
WebAssign provides the tools to answer these questions and help your students succeed.

With Class Insights, find out where your students are struggling.
My Class Insights provides a quick overview of student performance on questions and courses. You can quickly identify students who are struggling and offer personalized support to those who most need it.
My Class Insights aggregates student performance across all questions and assignments, unlike Scoreview or the gradebook. It quickly identifies any topics that your students might be having difficulty with and shows how many attempts each student took to find the correct answer. To see the class performance and drill down into individual performance, click on the My Class Insights button located on your course homepage.
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My Class Insights can be used to evaluate student performance. To evaluate student performance at the individual or class level, you can use My Class Insights’ instructor view. This data can be used to determine topics that you should cover in an assignment, in your exam study guide, or even inform your online office hours discussion with students.
To encourage independent practice, show your students Class Insights. Many students believe that high scores on homework assignments means they are well-versed in the material. They don’t take into account the effort required to answer each question correctly – which can help them understand topics they aren’t yet familiar with. Your students should be aware that they can access their My Class Insights report from their WebAssign course pages. This will allow them to focus their study on the most difficult topics. You can also access practice questions from My Class Insights so that they are confident in their knowledge.

The Gradebook can be used as a tool for student intervention
The WebAssign GradeBook is a tool that can be used to not only evaluate students, but also keep them informed about their performance. You should set aside time each semester to review the Gradebook and use these tips to assess student performance. To avoid surprises at the end of the semester, you want to make sure students are aware.
Take Action
You can personalize your student support by reviewing their submissions. By following the progress of struggling students, you can identify them and help them. You can see all the responses of your students, not just the one they submitted. This will allow you to identify where students are having difficulty with an assignment. This allows you to follow the thoughts of your students and identify any issues they might be having. You can also evaluate students who do poorly on a few of the more difficult assignments. Is there a common problem or topic they are struggling with? Do you suggest giving more practice on these topics, or additional one-on-one support for them?
Communicate Performance to Students: At the end of each term, sort your GradeBook, and send email messages encouraging students to come to you for additional help or reminding them about the study support they have available.

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