How to host office hours online with WebAssign

The challenges of moving online include the limited interaction and face-to-face time you have with your students. Students can get frustrated when they are left to their own devices and cannot solve problems on their own. This can be solved by transferring your office hours online so that students can get the support they need when they need it.
Continue reading to learn 4 tips for hosting office hours online using WebAssign.
1) Choose a Time and a Place
It’s not possible to go to work every day so how can you meet with your students? You will need to decide when you will be available for office hours. Also, what tool you will use to host them.
This information should be communicated to your students along with any suggestions or requirements for how they can make the most out of your meeting. In the following tips, we’ll discuss a few ways that office hours can be used.

2) Require Office Hours Attendance
How many days have your spent waiting for a student in your office to come by? Communication is essential in an online environment. So, demand it! Ask your students to attend at most one office hours meeting per semester or per month, depending on their needs.

3) Use office hours for progress checks
Your office hours can be used to check in with students, review their performance, and see how things are going. Ask students to review My Class Insights before meeting. Be prepared to discuss the areas they feel need to be improved. You can assess the performance of each student and offer suggestions. If you notice that a student is having trouble, you can suggest a follow-up meeting to help them.

4) Use Office Hours to Get Homework Help
Encourage students to make use of your office hours to get help with homework or other topics. Students can use Ask Your Teacher to ask for help while they are working on their homework.
Ask Your Teacher allows you to:
See the question that the student is stuck on
You can see the progress of the student on a question by looking at their past submissions.
Collaborate with the student in solving the problem – completely within the assignment
If students have any topic-specific questions, they can private message you during this period if they need your support.

Want More Tips?
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