How to Become Software Project Manager (Full guide)

It’s time to be a software project manager.
However, you don’t have the relevant experience, degree or technical background.
Is it possible to be a project manager in such an IT company?
Yes! Here’s a complete guide to becoming a software PM.
TL;DR – The steps to becoming software project manager
Any leadership experience is possible.
Create a CV for a project manager.
Develop technical proficiency.
Learn the basics of project management.
Learn agile methodologies.
Develop your interview skills.
Apply for the right job opportunities
This is a general approach that will make it easier to manage software projects.
However, each step is not without its challenges.
You will find a step-by-step guide below that will cover everything you need to know.
Table of Content
CHAPTER 1How to become an IT Project Manager
CHAPTER 3How to Gain First Experience
CHAPTER 2Technical Skills for an IT Project Manager
CHAPTER 4Do you have what it takes to manage a project?CHAPTER 1
How to become a software project manager without technical background or experience
This chapter will discuss the different paths that can lead to the position of project manager.
It all depends on what your current role is and how much experience you have in leadership.
Let me warn you:
It is difficult to become a software PM.
Sometimes it is almost impossible to jump straight into the role. There are two main starting points.
Start Point #1: You don’t work in IT.
You don’t have any leadership experience.
You should choose what best describes you.
We’ll start with the most difficult scenario:
Start Point #1: I’m not in the IT Industry. Where should I start?
You are not an IT specialist. You don’t work within one of the main niches.
Software Development
Online Marketing
Social Media
You don’t need a degree in Computer Science.
If this is you, you should assess your leadership experience.
No matter your industry, you won’t be able to become a project manager if you don’t have leadership experience.
This is a crucial job requirement. You must find a way that will prove you are a leader.
Even if your degree is in management, it won’t be enough to put you in a leadership role without a track record.
Do you have any leadership experience?
Yes, I have more leadership experience than three years!
Congratulations! Congratulations!
I don’t ask where your experience came from.
Leadership is universal, it is a fact.
However, I can tell that soft skills are more valuable than technical ones in IT.
Let’s get started. Here are six steps to follow.
Step 1: Learn the basics of project management
I hope it is obvious for you:
It is important to understand the basics of project management.
Agile Frameworks are very popular in the software industry. You still need to be able to comprehend the core concepts of project management.
It might seem like a great idea for you to get Project Management Certification.
It would give you both the knowledge and a certificate. Here’s the truth.
There is a huge gap between what you do in real life and the theory of project management.
At this stage, I do not recommend investing in a certification. This book will teach you everything you need:
Project management theory doesn’t work!
You feel like you know everything, but it all falls apart when you put it into practice.
I have been there. This book is a result of 10 years of experience. It will help you to be a great project manager in real businesses with real people.
BookAgile Frameworks must-have
You also need