How to achieve the best in project monitoring and control

Each project has five process groups, which include different activities. The project planning process starts after the project initiation process group. As explained in the online PMP training, most of the work is done during project execution. How do you know if the project is on track? You can’t know if the project is going according to plan unless you monitor it. Project monitoring and control are crucial to a successful project management. This article will provide an overview of the project monitoring/control process. You can learn more about the project management process group in the CAPM training course. Let’s start by reviewing the objectives for project monitoring and control.
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What is the purpose of project monitoring and control?
Monitoring and controlling project progress helps to ensure that the project is moving as planned. These processes allow you to identify any deviations from the expected results. You can find out if the project is on budget, if it will be completed on time, and if quality requirements have been met. All of these factors can be checked and analyzed with the help project monitoring and control processes.
What happens during project monitoring and control?

Monitoring and controlling project performance is the main objective. Project monitoring and control processes are used to verify that the budget and time targets are being met. These are just a few examples. There are many other aspects that must be measured in a project. These are usually measured using project monitoring and control processes.
Acceptance of change requests. Despite the fact that the scope has been established, plans have been finalized, and a project management plan has been developed, there may be changes during project execution. The customer is provided with the outputs and deliverables as the project progresses. Based on actual results, customers might have new requests or modify existing requirements. These changes are reviewed by the change control board. Change requests are approved or rejected during project monitoring and control.
With the help of project monitoring, control and processes, recommended corrective and preventive measures are suggested. Based on project performance checks, any deviations from the project’s planned values must be corrected. If the current measurements show that the project will take 2 months longer than expected, the appropriate actions must be taken. Preventive measures can be taken to reduce the impact of any risks that could affect the project.
Repair of defects. The product may not work as expected. Let’s say you are working on a smartphone design project. After the smartphone is manufactured, it is discovered that the camera does not take bright pictures as planned. This defect is discovered during project monitoring and control. It must be fixed before the project is closed.
What are the three roles of a project manager during project monitoring and control?

Three items summarize the role of the project manager during the project monitoring and controlling phase.
The project manager is responsible for meeting the performance measurement baseline. Performance measurement