How I passed the Prince2 Practitioner Exam – Mauro’s Prince2 Journey

Mauro Mascioli has passed the Prince2 Practitioner exam version 2017. We had the opportunity to talk with Mauro Mascioli to learn his study tips. We were able to hear his success story and preparation. Let’s take a look at Mauro’s Prince2 Exam story to learn how you can pass the exam in the first attempt.
1- ) How long have you studied for the Prince2 Practitioner Exam.
After passing the Prince2 Foundation 2017 exam, I began studying for the Prince2 Practitioner 2017 exam in March. It took me three weeks to complete the exam (6 days a week/6 hrs). I passed the Prince2 Practitioner Exam in March. I spent the last week practicing the exam and reviewing the answers.
2- ) What was your biggest challenge in preparing for the 2017 Prince2 Practitioner Exam?
After confirming that my qualifications met the requirements for Prince2 certification, I began my Prince2 study. The Prince2 Practitioner Exam is an open-book exam. However, the most difficult part of the exam was organizing the information. With the Master of Project Academy’s training materials, I was able to retain all the important details and learn them quickly.
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3- ) What was the quality of PRINCE2 (r) Practitioner Certification Training Materials?
Master of Project Academy’s PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification Training Materials was truly excellent. It saved me time and helped me to fix my most important concepts and ideas. Because I also have a full-time job, it was difficult to prepare for the Prince2 Practitioner Exam. I found that the 100% online, self-paced Prince2 Course of Master Project Academy was very helpful.
4- ) How similar were the questions on real Prince2 Practitioner Exam when you looked at them?
They are very similar in terms of their formulation (phrases and terminology). There were however, some differences in the scenarios and some more detailed questions. To understand the question, I recommend reading it at least twice, particularly for longer questions. You can skip the question if you don’t understand it and save your time. You can come back to same question later. This will help you save time on the Prince2 Practitioner Exam.
5- ) How many Prince2 Practitioner Exam questions have you practiced before taking the exam?
I concentrated on the two sample exams that were part of PRINCE2 (r) Practitioner Certification course at Master of Project Academy, according to the instructions in the introduction. I practiced the first and third weeks of my preparation for this exam.

6- ) How was your support during the PRINCE2 (r) Practitioner Certification Training?
It is precise and systematic. The course follows the Prince2 Practitioner Exam Manual structure with additional comments and examples. It was very helpful to fix concepts and ideas prior to taking the exam.
7- ) Do any of you have any suggestions for future Prince2 Practitioner 2017 candidates
Three recommendations are made for future Prince2 Practitioner Exam candidates
Take the time to read and re-read the questions as well the answers.

Multiple choice questions are the type of exam. You will need to choose from the various answers provided. First, pay attention to the language used in the answers. Avoid answering questions that answer “all, always”, “none, never, only” or “all, always”,

Because the Prince2 Practitioner Exam exam is an open book, make sure you have read the manual thoroughly before taking the exam. Write the key points and draw process diagrams in it.