How I passed the PMP Exam within 20 days – Sanjay’s PMP Journey

Sanjay Ghosh is a Project Manager at Hewlett Packard. He was able to pass the PMP exam on his first attempt. We asked Sanjay about his PMP study experience. Continue reading to find out how Sanjay passed the PMP exam.
1-How long did it take to prepare for the PMP certification exam.
The serious preparation began only on the 11th of January.18 for the appointment date on 01/02/18. However, the preparation began with enrolling in Master of Project Academy in Aug.17.
2-What was your biggest challenge in preparing for the PMP certification exam.
There was a lot to do at work and my Dad was still sick since the beginning of December. I visited him on 25 Dec.’17 and found that he was recovering. I set the PMP Exam date to 1 Feb.’18. He died on 29th December 2017. After the 13-day rituals (I am a Hindu, so these death rituals are very long), I began serious preparations.
This is my story because it was difficult to pass the PMP exam. I considered postponing my PMP exam several times, but I never gave up.
3-How did the quality of PMP certification training material compare to other materials?
The PMP Certification training materials were amazing. Each topic was explained in a concise manner, but they were detailed enough to give you an in-depth understanding. I appreciated the prompt responses to my queries. The last two days were spent going through the handouts, which was the final revision of each knowledge area.
4-How similar were the PMP certification exam questions when you looked at the Master of Project Academy’s PMP certification exam questions?
At least 80% of questions were similar to questions in the real PMP exam. This helped me pass the PMP exam confidently.
5-How many PMP certification exam question did you practice before taking the exam?
All questions mentioned at the end each topic. Plus the questions in each module, 4 practice exams and questions from other sources. All in all, around 1000 questions were practiced prior to the final exam. I believe that practicing as many PMP questions possible was the best tip to pass the PMP exam in just 20 days.

6-How was the support received during the PMP certification training?
As mentioned above, the replies to the questions were prompt. The explanations were accompanied by examples that substantiated the explanations. You can also see the responses to your queries posted by other participants.
7-Does anyone have any suggestions for future PMP exam candidates?
a) Enroll for a program such as Master of Project Academy. You will get commentary on each topic in a lucid fashion; handouts of all topics explained; module end questions with answers (and their explanations); prompt responses to every query.
b) Read the entire PMBOK at least once before you appear for the exam.
c) Practice as many questions as you can during your studies and return to them if they are not correct. Please consult the PMBOK Guidelines for that topic for further explanation.
8-Does anyone have any tips or tricks for the PMP certification exam?
a) Get a good night’s sleep the previous night (don’t light your mid-night lamp).
b) Create personal notes that contain all the important terms, formulas and one-line explanations of each point during preparation days. These notes should be reviewed before you write the exam.
c) Don’t panic if there are a lot of instructions and checks at the prometric centre
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