Global Knowledge Abstract This whitepaper discusses the Global Knowledge Skills Development Index ™ and how it can help IT professionals to identify the most critical skill gaps, select the right training and finally eliminate them. Two contradictory trends are evident in our data. Two contradictory trends are evident in our data. IT professionals are now more skilled than ever, and there is a greater need to fill skills gaps. This begs the question: Is there a correct way to train? The Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report is now in its fifth consecutive year. It is the largest annual survey of IT professionals around the world. This report has collected data on more than 190,000. IT professionals since 2006. It examines the most pressing IT topics including top-paying jobs and certifications. It also provides job satisfaction. The report 2021 highlights two key data points. First, 85% of respondents said they had received training in the last year. Second, 76% of IT decision-makers believe that their teams lack the required skills. It is assumed that increasing training will lead to a decrease of skills gaps. This is not true. This inverse correlation can be attributed to two main reasons. Technology evolution Approach to training Products are adopted faster than the training. The problem might not be in the training but rather in the lack of skills to keep up with new tech. Sometimes the problem lies in the training. It does not meet the requirements of the skills. The wrong kind of training is being used by professionals. Although it is possible to mow your lawn using a pair of scissors or a pair of scissors, it is not a good way to spend your time. The Global Knowledge Skills Development Index ™, is here to help. This tool answers the critical question all IT professionals face: What type of training do I need? Download

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