Get the top 3 Supply Chain Certifications to Start Your Supply Chain Career!

Quality of a product is not just dependent on the efficiency of the manufacturers or the product itself, but also the entire process that begins at the supplier and ends at the customer. Every company ensures that every step of a product’s journey is reviewed by supply chain professionals, who use their knowledge and skills to complete the process. Supply chain is an important department in any business. It involves the movement of products or services from supplier to customer. This includes the transfer of a product. However, a Supply Chain Manager can also use his knowledge, skills, and qualifications to undermine the financial transactions that occur for wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers.
Supply chain managers need to have the experience and the skills to understand the supply chain process professionally. Supply chain managers can take a variety of internationally accredited courses to improve their skills and further their supply chain careers. We will be discussing the top Supply chain courses available for those who wish to further their supply chain management career.
1. Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP).
The Associations for Operations Management offer CSCP, which is one of the most respected certifications in supply-chain management. CSCP is internationally recognized and organizations prefer people with a supply chain background so they can understand the product supplying process to their customers.
This course is ideal for people who wish to develop their careers in the supply chain. Supply chain management is a broad field that is not restricted to one area. However, there are many departments involved in the supply chain. Candidates must decide which area of supply-chain management they are able to perform their duties. CSCP-certified candidates not only learn how to manage the process but also how to analyze the impact of their decisions on other functions within organizations. They are best at the overall development of the company by ensuring that their supply chain is as efficient and as quality-assured as possible.
CSCP offers employees more career options. It doesn’t limit their knowledge in supply chain, but it also trains them to understand other departments within the business so that they can provide their services in other areas.
2. Certificate in Production and Inventory Management, CPIM:
CPIM gives you the opportunity to develop your career in the management of the supply chain process. CPIM is a great way to increase your knowledge in the area of Inventory Management. This certification will give you the best chance to learn the tricks and techniques needed to manage inventory in any industry. APICS offers the certification CPIM. More than 100,000 people have achieved their career advancements in inventory management by pursuing CPIM.
After obtaining the certification of CPIM, you will be able perform tasks in your company related to production planning, scheduling it, and inventory management in a professional way. To manage inventory, one must be both a manager and an analyst. This is necessary to ensure that the correct amount of inventory is accumulated at the right time. The CPIM examination is comparatively difficult and challenging for the CPSP. You will need to take five exams and pass all of them in 5 different modules. You will learn the basics of supply chain management, master planning of resources, detailed scheduling and planning and execution and control of operations. Candidates who pass CPIM share common concepts and skills which help them to perform the task of capacity planning within the organization and analyze the future production necessary to optimize.
3. Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM).
CPSM is also one of the most in-demand certifications worldwide by organizations to help them develop their supply chain department and hire competitive employees. CPSM is the best certification for those who wish to work in procurement.
It is crucial to manage the procurement and strategic sourcing of people within any organization for the success and growth of the business. ISM is an international institute that offers internationally recognized certifications in the area of procurement and buying. ISM teaches the fundamental knowledge and techniques of procurement and buying, but also helps individuals to build their networking skills which will help them in their future career.