AWS adds multi-factor authentication to WorkSpaces

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), added multi-factor authentication to its Amazon WorkSpaces offering.
WorkSpaces, the AWS cloud-based virtualized desk solution, was launched last spring. It integrates with Microsoft Active Directory so users can log into WorkSpaces using their existing corporate passwords and user names. Administrators will now be able to request a second set security credentials from their users with the new multi-factor authentication support.
Jeff Barr, AWS Evangelist, stated that once this feature has been enabled and configured WorkSpaces users will log into WorkSpaces by entering their Active Directory username and password followed by an OTP or One-Time Passcode supplied by a hardware token.
Barr stated that AWS has tested multi-factor authentication on Symantec VIP, Microsoft Radius Server, but it is compatible with any other on-premises server that supports RADIUS protocol.
AWS provides details for enabling multi-factor authentication here. This capability is available immediately at no additional cost. The WorkSpaces solution costs between $35 and $75 in the United States depending on the plan.
Barr stated that Amazon will “enhance” multi-factor authentication in the future. However, he did not elaborate on what these improvements might look like. He did however mention that Amazon plans to eventually add support in the future for authentication via smartcards and certificates.