AWS adds Machine Learning and AI Courses for Partners

Amazon Web Services (AWS), in an effort to make its partners more familiar with the machine learning capabilities of its platform’s platform, has added two new AI-focused courses into its training and certification program.
According to the website, the Machine Learning module introductory-level is a free online course that lasts 40 minutes and is designed to give students a general overview of “the types and problems that Amazon is solving using machine learning and the methods that are used to solve them.”
The course is intended for those who are just starting in machine learning, as well as AWS partners. It will show students how to look at machine learning from a practical and business perspective. According to AWS, it will also explain the steps involved in building machine learning models. This includes collecting data, asking the question, building a model, and evaluating its performance before integrating it into your application.
Although there are no requirements for the Introduction to Machine Learning course (but AWS recommends that students have some knowledge in business administration, computer science, and software systems).
Deep Learning on AWS is the second class. It is more intense. This instructor-led, one-day course is for developers with previous experience in machine learning. Students will learn how deep learning applications can be run using AWS’ infrastructure, including AWS Lambda or the Amazon EC2 Container Service.
AWS recommends that Deep Learning students have an understanding of AWS solutions and at least one scripting language. Although it is not mandatory, students are encouraged to take the entry level Machine Learning course prior to the Deep Learning class.
The fee for the Deep Learning module is dependent on where the student chooses to study. According to AWS’ announcement, AWS members of the AWS Partner Network can receive a 20% discount on instructor-led courses.