5 Best SharePoint Software Alternatives that are Easy to Use for Small Businesses

SharePoint can be used by businesses in many ways. It can be used as a content management system, a file sharing app, and a communication tool for teams. Capterra users highly recommend SharePoint as a multipurpose collaboration tool. They rate the solution 4 out 5 stars.

SharePoint is expensive when you add new users. This could prove to be a problem for small businesses. SharePoint Online bundle’s annual pricing starts from $20 per user per year. The basic version costs $5 per month but does not offer Teams, Skype, Microsoft Office 365 suite or other collaboration tools.
SharePoint may not be the right solution for small businesses who need a cost-effective collaboration and file management solution to manage project documents.
There are many cheaper SharePoint alternatives. We’ve included some of these options in this report based on Capterra users’ ratings and recommendations. These alternatives can be used to help your teams collaborate and share project documents.
This article will focus on five highly-rated SharePoint alternatives. The full list of SharePoint alternatives can be found here. We searched for collaboration tools that met these criteria to create this list.
Continue reading to see what Capterra users think about the top five SharePoint alternatives. Visit our collaboration software category page to learn more about the pricing and features of similar tools not listed here.

Check out these 5 easy-to-use SharePoint alternatives
SharePoint is a popular choice for large teams and enterprise companies that have the resources to buy and use it.
These SharePoint alternatives are great for small businesses looking for an affordable tool that their teams can use without the need to train or manage change.
Let’s take a closer look at each of the options below!
1. Flock: Facilitate team communication using collaborative messaging app

Flock (Source), Team discussions

Flock is a collaboration tool for teams that communicate frequently. Flock offers instant text messaging, screen sharing, file sharing and automated task notifications.
Flock is similar in design to SharePoint. It allows teams to have direct chats, share files and create employee directories. Flock integrates with popular project management tools, such as Trello or Asana, making the tool ideal for managing project-related communication.
What Capterra reviewers love about the system
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2. Glasscubes: Increase knowledge sharing through online workspaces

Glasscubes (Source), Custom online workspace

Glasscubes was created to allow teams to share knowledge through online workspaces, also known under the name an intranet. The tool features team messaging, file sharing, digital whiteboards, and team messaging. Teams can also share ideas with their colleagues via these whiteboards.
GlassCubes is a SharePoint alternative. It offers similar document management features, such as the ability build wikis or knowledge bases to capture employee information. It offers advanced features such as offline synchronization, single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication, and single sign-on.
What Capterra reviewers love about the system
Customers want improvements
There are three pricing options available at Glasscubes that will suit all sizes of teams. Here’s an example of pricing for a team billed annually
3. G Suite: Multipurpose solution to improve team collaboration

Creating slides using G Suite (Source)

G Suite has many software modules that can be used for team collaboration. G Suite features include document management and email, chat, video calling as well as team calendars and contact management.
G Suite is closest to matching all the SharePoint features. You can create slide presentations, for example.